It gives me so much joy to share a little bit of M with you! For as long as I can remember,
    I feel most like myself in simple Eastern wear. I could wear it everyday, forever.

    I hope these pieces do the same for you, because there isn’t a lovelier feeling than feeling like you.


    At M by Mahira, we believe in a minimalist approach towards design. Our focus is on creating thoughtful silhouettes that keep the wearer at ease with everyday movement while simultaneously uplifting their personality. Expect contemporary yet timeless products that will make you nostalgic for an easy, comfortable, good time in life.

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    Sustainability is a wide bracket, no matter what we do and how much we do, creating products takes a toll on our planet. Having said that, while it may be impossible to achieve complete sustainability, we strive to do as much as we can. Our packaging is made using biodegradable plastic. Our fabric bags were created, only to be repurposed by you in your everyday lives. Additionally, we avoid using plastic while creating your garments.


    We believe that fashion should be enjoyed by everyone, and every woman should feel comfortable in her garments. We are extremely proud to offer a wide range of sizes from our conception, and only hope to keep growing from here.


    The longevity of each garment is extremely important to us. A changing season should not affect your wardrobe. We want you to buy these pieces now and love them forever – and so, our pieces are timeless and defy trends.


    While we may be sustainable selectively, we are ethical entirely.
    All our products are ethically made – from start to end. All our artisans, dyers, karigars are offered fair wages.